Energy Audits

A comprehensive energy audit conducted by a team of NuWorld Energy certified professionals is the first step in identifying potential savings for your company or facility. This is done by establishing an energy baseline that highlights opportunities for consumption reduction and the potential for solar power production. Our process is simple yet comprehensive and tailored to meet your specific business needs.

Get Started with Energy Audits



Information is gathered to evaluate historical energy consumption and capture initial energy goals.



We provide an onsite survey of current operations, equipment, building, etc. to capture consumption data and potential solar energy locations.



Our team of experts reviews the data and audit results to determine energy saving opportunities.



We deliver clean energy management and solar power recommendations.

Energy Initial Assessment


When curating a short-term and long-term energy strategy constructing a clear and concise roadmap, achieving energy goals becomes critical. As a trusted energy advisor, the NuWorld Energy™ Team works directly with clients to identify the ‘as is’ state of energy management and consumption, then craft a step-by-step strategy to reaching all desired energy goals.


When we implement our approach for our clients, we first analyze their facilities’ consumption and usage levels, and then design and implement energy management and energy efficiency solutions to reduce current consumption. We choose the technologies that will best fit your facility’s needs. These technologies include energy measurement and remote access control systems, LED lighting, and energy efficient HVAC units.

Site Energy Survey
Energy Data Analysis


The Nuworld Team initiates analysis with a look at current energy technologies and a retrospective, longitudinal examination of energy utilization. In addition, if the facility is powered all or in part by fossil fuels, the Team utilizes energy forecasting to pinpoint the future availability of those sources, and compare continued use with a transition to energy efficient and clean energy technologies.


Once we drive down energy consumption levels with these solutions, we can then implement clean energy generation and storage solutions to meet the new, ‘right-sized’ level of energy consumption for optimal working conditions. These solutions include solar PV arrays, wind technologies, and battery systems.

Energy Consumption Report

Our plan revolves entirely around our client’s goals, which allows us the freedom to procure only the most appropriate, specific energy solutions.